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 Language Interpretation

Synergy Language Solutions provides specialized onsite language interpretation and document translation services for medical, legal, education, business, and anywhere that an interpreter may be needed. We provide onsite interpretation at a comparable rate to phone interpretation, because not only does face-to-face provide the highest quality in communication but it is also the most comfortable for any person in a foreign environment.

Our services allow refugees and foreigners to speak for themselves, make their own choices, even get involved and become part of our communities.

Our Services

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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


With a national network of language interpreters and translators, we are sure to find you a local interpreter who fits your language needs.

Our interpreters have been tested for linguistic/cultural knowledge and fully trained to abide by confidentiality, reliability, and overall ease of communication. With our services, you get qualified and HIPAA compliant interpreters, along with a dedicated around-the-clock customer service team.


We Provide Language Solutions For The Following Industries 



For a non-English speaker, navigating the biomedical culture is challenging. Our onsite interpreters are there to help patients through it, which makes them feel comfortable and in an environment where they are heard and taken care of.

Providers learn much more about their patients, and patients learn about all other treatment options available to them such as preventive medicine. This is the best language service for any medical facility that treats non-English speaking patients. It truly makes a difference.



How much do non-English speaking parents understand about the educational system? How involved can they be if they don’t understand what’s going on?

With onsite interpretation, non-English speaking parents can be more involved in their children’s education and better fulfill their role of guiding their children.



When assisting a non-English speaking client on a legal issue, onsite interpretation is the most accurate and reliable way of communication. We provide trained legal interpreters who are able to meet anywhere at your convenience.



Planning to expand your business to cater to a multicultural audience?

From meetings, consultation, translation, and localization, we make sure you reach your target audience.


Interpreter Training 

Our interpreters, who have already been trained and tested for language fluency, receive ongoing training tailored to the needs of the people and facilities where they interpret.

Language and culture are dynamic and so is the training of our interpreters.