Onsite Interpretation


Preferred and effective.

Onsite interpretation is the most preferred and effective way of interpreting. Unlike phone or video, it offers a more relaxed and comfortable environment in which the customer/patient can feel the care and attention that’s needed. Apart from minimizing errors, it creates an environment where providers can learn more about their patients, and patients can learn more about all their healthcare options, thus receiving the same quality healthcare, regardless of the language barrier.

Scheduled ahead of time.

With onsite interpreting, an interpreting appointment is scheduled  ahead of time, with general information about the topic/subject to be interpreted.

Example- “This will be a consultation with a neurologist.”

With this information, an Interpreter researches relative terminology/background information and comes truly prepared for the assignment. This makes it much better than a phone (impromptu) interpreting, in terms of quality.



Onsight interpretation for your industry.

Doctors, attorneys, professors, and many other professionals usually have one specialty, but most language interpreters are freelancers and must interpret any topic. No matter how experienced an interpreter may be, preparation is the key to good interpretation and our trained interpreters will give you the best quality in language interpretation.

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