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Hello and welcome! Interpreting is our passion and our goal is to make on-site (face-to-face) language interpretation available to as many people as possible. We hope our website answers most of your questions. To determine which services best suit you and the cost of those services, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!!


onsite interpretation

Onsite interpretation is the most preferred and effective way of interpreting. Unlike phone or video, it offers a more relaxed and comfortable environment in which the customer/patient can feel the care and attention that’s needed. Apart from minimizing errors, it creates an environment where providers can learn more about their patients and patients can learn more about all their healthcare options, thus receiving the same quality healthcare, regardless of the language barrier.

With onsite interpreting, an interpreting appointment is scheduled  ahead of time, with general information about the topic/subject to be interpreted. Example-”This will be a consultation with a neurologist”. With this information, Interpreter researches relative terminology/background information and comes truly prepared for the assignment. This makes it much better than phone (impromptu) interpreting, in terms of quality.

Doctors, attorneys, professors, and many other professionals usually have one specialty, but most language interpreters are freelancers and must interpret any topic. No matter how experienced an interpreter may be, preparation is the key to good interpretation and our trained interpreters will give you the best quality in language interpretation


phone interpretation

For those situations like ER visits where no interpreter is onsite, phone interpretation can be used to get the basic information from the non-English speaker, while waiting for an onsite interpreter to arrive. Phone interpretation can also be used for those short sessions where the topic to be discussed is very simple and straight-forward.

which service suits your needs?

It is important to note that phone interpretation is impersonal, and shouldn’t be used as the main solution in settings where patients/customers need to express themselves, to trust and feel a level of connection and care from the provider.

For example, an airport wouldn’t need onsite interpretation because a traveler who loses luggage just needs to find it. Not much connections or level of trust is needed between the customer/traveler and provider/airport. Phone interpretation is ideal for these types of transactions also because the sessions are brief and straightforward.


document translation & Localization

You may need translation services if you have customers, or even employees, whose native language is not English. 

How much do they really understand of the forms, documents and manuals they sign? Do your services cater to different geographical areas and people of different cultures? Is your marketing content properly adopted to an international, multicultural audience?

Things like color, size, measurements, weight, or even beliefs and values, will have a high impact on how your content is perceived. We are here to help you adopt your content to achieve greater appeal and better understanding.